Friday, February 13, 2009

Reply to All (and everyone else while you are at it)

Disclosure: the Post which follows is rife with self interest. Screenshot left:
So the company that put TV viewing habit black boxes on the top of tens of thousands of homes in the English speaking world (Nielson, who else) have finally cottoned on to a key cause of email pollution – the Reply All button.
This statement of principle and logical step forward to curb the excessive tendencies of their workforce to disengage their brains, waste their colleagues' valuable time in irrelevant communications and generally to cover their backsides should be town cried from the top of the highest building in every city in the world that runs on email bio-fuel.
Hurrah, hurrah.
Instead of being top dollar handout 'stimulated' by President Obama and Premier Kevin Rudd in their efforts to get the economy moving through the introduction of new efficiencies, poor Nielson gets lambasted by others who have no real answer beyond the tired old refrain 'train 'em, train 'em, train 'em'.
Guys, where have you been for the last 15 years? Don't you know that training basically doesn't work?
If it did, there wouldn't be a problem, would there?


  1. Stephen-
    Thanks for your comment on the about training and the lack of success with training. I agree that training doesn't always work - but I also think that forcing people to not use a feature that CAN be useful can't possibly be the best answer. What is the answer? Better internal communication that is not email dependent. We have actually been using Yammer very effectively internally.
    -Sabrina Parsons

  2. Yes Sabrina - you are right. The issue is to deal with the WHOLE problem, which requires courage on everyone's part, both employees and employers. Thanks for contributing to the debate. Cheers.