Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is what happens when you think it through for yourself

In a Smartbiz article, Brian Murphy discusses the five most common email-management mistakes that businesses are making today:

  1. Believing it is feasible to run your business without some form of email-management system.

  2. Destroying email by auto purges or mailbox caps. This contravenes record-keeping policies and obligations across many legal compliance and business risk-management fronts.

  3. Using backups as an archive. The problem with this approach is that un-indexed email records are difficult and expensive to search, especially when the request for such records is typically mission- or business-risk-critical.

  4. Assuming that existing document-management systems are an acceptable technology to handle email archiving. The volume and indexing challenges for email archiving across an enterprise are substantially different from standard document-management challenges.

  5. Implementing an email retention policy that was optimized for paper. Email is not paper. The classification processes used for paper simply don't work with email because:

  • The sheer volume of email exchanged makes it impractical to classify everything;
  • Everyone uses email;
  • The administration of email isn't easily delegated, and
  • There's an almost infinite number of possible classification criteria, making it impractical for end users to classify all of their messages.

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