Saturday, February 14, 2009

A guru speaks (I think)

The venerable Mr Allen overengineers a very simple subject, his own ideas about next action decision making and putting stuff away where you'll be able to find it again. His best selling book Getting Things Done is certainly readable, but this talk to the chappies at Google wanders about and had me lost about 5 mins in. Snakes? Karate Punches? Dead Batteries? Psychic RAM? And are distractions really "mismanaged commitments"? What the hell is 'bouldnerness' David? That said, he is right on the money in his key message, namely, that technology and systems will never replace human cognition and that systems merely serve the purpose of freeing up the intuitive capabilities of the mind to determine what must happen next. If you have read Getting Things Done, the GTD process is positioned as methodology neutral, meaning that the GTD approach can be undertaken using any technique or technology. My company's product, Orla, is, needless to say, fully compliant with the GTD concept.

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