Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent talk gets me thinking “what’s wrong with people!…”

I gave a presentation yesterday here in Perth to a gathering of about 30 SME business owners who were looking at ways to get more with less during these testing economic times. As I was coming to the end of my one hour talk it occurred to me that the Send-Receive-File email management paradigm has a great deal to answer for. The arguments for sorting out the email issue are so compelling (and at Orla we all eat our own dog food and are INCREDIBLY productive when it comes to organizing and prioritizing our daily work) that I imagined website activity from Western Australia would have a bit of a upward blip during the 24 hours which followed. Barely in fact. That said, I did meet a very charming lady from a WA company who is all over the email as problem with her team at work. Got a lovely follow up mail this morning saying they learned a lot from the talk and were implementing the ideas I presented to them. Nice!

The talk can be downloaded here

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